Guidelines and Tips for using nüurdle

We've listed a few pointers here on a few things to consider when using nüurdle
Privacy: so, you've created a nüurdle the person you saw has responded, you've accepted and you are chatting away. Great, that's what nüurdle is here for! Remember, nüurdle is totally anonomous, all the other person knows about you is your username and it's up to you to keep it like that as long as you want to. We'd urge all members of the nüurdle community not to pressurise or directly ask someone they are connecting with for personal details and not to provide them until you've met up again in person and can decide what you want to do.
Safety: one thing to keep an eye out for is if someone sends you a response or chat message with links to other websites, or tries to sell you something. That's not what nüurdle is about and that's probably not something you'd do yourself so please use some caution.
Safety: remember that whilst nüurdle is a great tool to help you meet people you still need to exercise some basic common sense. It's always a good idea to let someone know where you are going when you meet up with people again, though of course the great thing about nüurdle is you've already met the other person in real life! 
Etiquette: most people are going to use nüurdle like they'd use any technology, responsibly and to make our lives just that little bit easier. That's why we developed nüurdle, to help you connect with people you found that you think you'd maybe like to get to know! However, there are always a few people... Just because nüurdle is anonomous that doesn't make it appropriate or cool to send people offensive or unpleasant responses or messages.
Etiquette: yes you can probably use nüurdle to find and respond to nüurdles when you know you are not the other party but really, what's the point of that. If you receive a response from someone you know isn't the other person you are trying to connect with you can ignore their response, reject it or if you really don't care for what you are reading simply block them.
Thanks for reading and we sincerely hope you enjoy using nüurdle.
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