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how it works

Imagine you're at the local café, in walks someone you can't take your eyes off, the two of you nervously exchange knowing glances and smiles.

Love at first sight? Perhaps, but all too often like ships in the night they go one way and you go the other, thinking to yourself if only...

nüurdle rewinds time by creating a snapshot of your real life encounter, we call this creating a nüurdle. The other person can find your nüurdle within seconds and respond, you accept and you're reconnected!

Switch on nüurdleMe mode, you're discoverable! In our café scenario the other person receives an instant alert the moment you create your nüurdle, no need for them to even search!

Find out more about nüurdle's extensive features or take a peek at our nüurdle in 90 seconds video.

If you're too shy to say hi get nüurdling now!